Judith Fisher Freed

1978-to present
Web site design & organization
www.alanfreed.com. Compiling, archiving and building website on the History of Rock ‘N ‘Roll by the man that coined the phrase.


Obtaining a Hollywood Walk-of-Fame Star

Lobbying NARAS to give the Lifetime Achievement Award National Academy of Recording Arts and Sciences National Trustees Award to Alan Freed.

Producing the VH-1 Behind the Music Special, Alan Freed: The Man and His Music

Gifting the Alan Freed Archives to The Rock and Roll Hall of Fame. Catalyst for donations in building the Alan Freed Radio Station

House Design & Organization
Designed and built a 5800 sq. foot residence formulated the concept of living in a functioning organizationally designed space. The house measured as Green. A documentary on the concept was filmed. Clips can be found on website.

1978 to 1982
Clothes Design & Organization
Clothestrophobia. Clothing stylist for Rock and Roll performers

1975 to Present
Organizing, organizing, organizing.
This included donating years of catalogued fashion magazines to Parsons School of Design. Archiving the fashion of Bianca Jagger’s impact on the 1970’s. Sorry Bianca… I said no to giving you the scrap book. Styling family and friends. Most importantly, Packing and moving families when push came to shove.

1981 to present
Greatest achievement: raisng four daughters.